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New tires and wheels in Texarkana, AR

If your tires are struggling to get you where you need to go, come to Texarkana Tire & Wheel. Our locally owned and operated tire shop has provided drivers with a great selection of tires and courteous, efficient service since 2007. So whether you have a flat or its time to replace your worn out tires, come experience the best selection and service around.

Are you driving on worn tires?

Check your tires for wear, or come by for a quick inspection

A flat is a good sign you need a new tire, but do you know how to detect the less noticeable signs of wear? Here are three ways to quickly check your tires to ensure sufficient tread while out on the road.

  • Give them a quick visual inspection – spots of heavy wear are usually pretty identifiable. Look for irregular wear patterns as they could be signs of improper alignment or faulty tires.
  • Conduct a “penny test” – place a penny vertically into the center tread of your tire with the head pointed down. If you can see the top of Lincoln’s head, your tread is significantly worn.
  • Be on the lookout for tread wear bars – tires have a built in indicator to help you identify severe tread wear. Look for horizontal “bars” running the width of your tire. If you notice these bars, your tires are telling you it’s time to come to Texarkana Tire & Wheel.

We recommend performing these simple inspections every time you fill up. Or, if you’d like to have a professional check out your tires, come to Texarkana Tire & Wheel for a quick inspection. We’ll give you an honest assessment because we want you to be safe on the road.

Get the best in driving safety and control

Brakes, alignment and front-end work in Texarkana, AR

There’s much more to Texarkana Tire & Wheel than, well, tires and wheels. You can also rely on us for brake service, alignments, front-end work and other vehicle repairs in Texarkana, AR.

Roadside assistance and in-house financing available

Call for tires and auto repair in Texarkana, AR

There’s never a convenient time for tire blowouts and vehicle trouble. We try to make these stressful situations easier on you and your budget by offering roadside assistance and in-house financing. For more information about how affordable and convenient our tire and auto repair services in Texarkana, AR can be, call or visit us today.

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